How PetroChem Wire Is Delivered

PetroChem Wire publishes its news and price information as an e-mailed newsletter in PDF format. In addition to the PDF, subscribers also receive an unformatted text version of their newsletter that can be read on a portable device.

Historical price information is also available to full subscribers through PetroChem Wire's Web site.

PetroChem Wire's daily news and prices can also be deliverd electronically through any of six third-party vendors. Delivery through an electronic vendor makes our data available for charting  spreadsheet analysis. Our vendor partners are:

For more information about electronic distribution through these vendors, click here.

Additionally, PetroChem Wire price data are available on a subscription basis through dedicated access to its proprietary database. For information about proprietary data access, contact Joe Link, Director of Business Development, at or 973 975-0230.