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US PET imports up 17% in November; Oman, China near zero

HOUSTON, January 7, 2016 (PCW) -- US imports of packaging-grade PET--an $824-million business in 2014--were up by 17.3% or 7,136 metric tons in November over November 2014, the latest USA Trade Online data show.

Imports from China and Oman, two of the top five import sources in 2014, fell to near zero. November imports from China were 36 MT, down from 9,324 MT in November 2014; for Oman, the volumes were 155 MT and 2,226 MT, respectively.

Preliminary anti-dumping duties were imposed in October on PET imports from China, India, Oman and Canada. The duties require a cash bond to be posted with US Customs and Border Control before a shipment from these countries is allowed for entry. The bond amount varies according to the value of a shipment and the duty rate applied to the country from which the imports originate.

Imports from Canada in November were also lower at 8,811 MT, down 23.7% from a year earlier. Imports from India rose, althugh the volume was negligible: 476 MT compared to 264 MT in November 2014.

China and India took a double hit with the anti-dumping duties: In August, preliminary countervailing duties were imposed on PET imports from the countries. These duties are imposed when it is found production and/or marketing of imports have been subsidized by a country's government.

Imports from several countries were markedly higher in November 2015: