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PET imports up 13% through November; surge from UAE

HOUSTON, January 9, 2017 (PCW) - US imports of packaging grade PET totaled 622,386 metric tons through November, valued at $624.9-million, up 71,301 mt or 13% from Jan-Nov 2015, the latest USA Trade Online data show.

Imports for full year 2015 totaled 593,318 mt, valued at $695.5 million.

The increase was primarily due to rising imports from Pakistan, Mexico, South Korea, Brazil, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates and Taiwan.

Mexico accounted for 36% of all imports through November, or  224,267 mt,, up 31% from the 2015 period. Imports from the second largest source, Taiwan, totaled 104,749 mt, up 50,757 mt, or 94%, from Jan-Nov 2015. Imports from UAE totaled 17,826 mt in Jan-Nov 2016, up 15,169 mt, or 571%, from the 2015 period.

Imports plunged to near zero from China and India, countries that had been major suppliers before antidumping duties were imposed on these imports last year. Oman, once a major supplier, was also hit with antidumping duties; imports from Oman totaled 2,000 mt through November, down 48,292 mt,or 96%, from the 2015 period.

Canada was hit with antidumping duties last year of about 13% but is still the third largest supplier of these imports at 78,325 mt through November, down 45,437 mt, or 37%, from the 2015 period.

Imports from Brazil through November totaled 55,339 mt,, up 40,602 mt ,or 276%, from the 2015 period; imports from Pakistan were 30,457 mt, up 13,004 mt, or 75%. -- Xavier A. Cronin

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