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PET scrap exports through Nov down 15%; less to China

HOUSTON, January 10, 2017 (PCW) -- US exports of PET scrap totaled 221,076 metric tons through November, down 39,824 mt, or 15%, from Jan-Nov 2015, the latest USA Trade Online data show.

The main reason was a sharp drop in exports to China, which comprised 45.4% of the total. Exports to China through November totaled 100,256 mt, down 23,104 mt, or 19%, from the 2015 period.

Exports to Hong Kong, the second top destination, totaled 88,099 mt through November, down 3,186 mt or 3.5% from Jan-Nov 2015.

Exports to Vietnam through November totaled 7,759 mt, up 4,523 mt, or 140%, from the 2015 period.

PET scrap exports through November were twice the volume of PET scrap imports for the same period, which totaled 110,709 mt.-- Xavier A. Cronin

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