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LyondellBasell’s Corpus Christi olefins expansion complete

HOUSTON, January 19, 2017 (PCW) – LyondellBasell on Thursday said its 800 million lbs/yr expansion at the Corpus Christi olefins plant has been completed. The new capacity is 2.5 billion lbs/yr.

Expansion work was done amid a prolonged turnaround that began in April. Operations resumed at the plant in mid-December; the facility has initially been expected to resume service in October.

During the nearly 250-day outage, more than one billion pounds of ethylene production was out of the market.

The newly-expanded plant now constitutes 3.86% of total US ethylene capacity. It could consume about 48,000 b/d of ethane, 10,000 b/d of propane, 5,000 b/d of normal butane and 10,000 b/d of natural gasoline, according to PetroChem Wire estimates. -- Samantha Hartke

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