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Scrap HDPE HMW done at 16-18 cpp, feeds brisk recycling market

HOUSTON, January 27, 2017 (PCW)--Dirty thirty-pound HDPE HMW post-industrial blobs were done this week at 16-18 cpp, FOB US South, for minimum truckload orders.

The blobs are rejects from plants making 290-gallon intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). They are typically delivered in boxes holding 600-900 lb of the material. The blobs are washed and converted into regrind that is subsequently reprocessed into pellets that are reprocessed into HDPE HMW products, like drums, IBCs, bottles and containers, including food-grade items like molasses bottles.

HDPE HMW scrap, like blobs and shredded IBCs and drums, constitute a growing segment of the US plastic recycling industry as plants find a greater number of buyers for scrap generated during their production runs. -- Xavier A. Cronin

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