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Expansion is goal for LDPE end-user Wisconsin Film & Bag: Novolex

HOUSTON, October 7, 2015 (PCW) -- Wisconsin Film & Bag’s new owner, packaging giant Novolex, expects to expand WF&B’s operations when the opportunity arises, a Novolex executive said Wednesday.

WF&B, with about $62 million in annual sales, manufactures mono-layer PE bags and film, including pallet covers, shrink bundle film and shrink bags. Its plant is near Shawano, Wisconsin.

Its feedstock is PE resins, including LDPE and LLDPE. It also uses post-consumer and post-industrial LDPE and LLDPE scrap in its production mix.

Novolex, which operates 37 facilities in the US, three in Canada and one in Mexico, announced on Oct 1 that it had acquired WF&B.

“Our first priority is to integrate Wisconsin Film & Bag into the Novolex family,” Mark T Daniels, Novolex’s senior vice-president for sustainability and environmental policy, said in an email statement to PCW Wednesday. “Novolex has a history of investing in new capital for plant expansions when the opportunity arises and will carry that philosophy to Wisconsin Film & Bag.”

Novolex’s companies include plastic bag recycler/manufacturer Hilex Poly in North Vernon, Indiana. Its customer are in the retail, grocery, food service, hospitality, institutional and industrial sectors. Xavier A. Cronin