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Dak Americas declares force majeure on PET resin

HOUSTON, October 12, 2016 (PCW) -- PET producer Dak Americas has declared force majeure on PET resin products effective October 10 due to the "wide-spread devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew," the company said in a letter to customers.

Dak produces PET resin and PET staple fiber at its Cooper River plant in Charleston, South Carolina; PET resin and rPET flake at its Cedar Creek plant in Fayetteville, North Carolina; and PET resin at its plant in Columbia, S.C. Production volumes were unavailable.

"Several transportation routes are blocked and hence the supply of raw materials is becoming temporarily unreliable," Dak VP for PET resins Jonathan McNaull said in the letter. "We have no definite information on when supply and distribution channels will be normalized."

Dak also produces PET resin and rPET in Mexico, Argentina and Montreal, Quebec. -- Xavier A. Cronin.

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