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ExxonMobil to build new polyethylene plant at Beaumont

HOUSTON, November 14, 2016 (PCW) – ExxonMobil announced Monday it was building a new polyethylene plant at its Beaumont facility that would come online in 2019.

The 650,000 mt/yr (1.43 billion lbs/yr) plant would add to the existing 1 million mt/yr (2.2 billion lbs/yr) PE capacity at the site.

ExxonMobil told PCW that the plant would produce “high-performance polyethylene that will be used to manufacture our Exceed and Enable high-performance polymers. These polymers are especially well-suited for demanding applications such as liquid and food packaging, construction liners, and agricultural films.”

The Exceed and Enable polymer lines are trade names for metallocene LLDPE.

ExxonMobil noted the Beaumont project builds on supply advantages created by the company’s expansion of its Mont Belvieu plastics plant in Texas, where two similar polyethylene units are being added. The Mont Belvieu units will each have an mLLDPE capacity of 650,000 mt/yr and are expected online in the third quarter of next year.

Combined, these investments will increase the company’s US PE production by 40% percent, or nearly 2 million mt/yr (4.4 billion lbs/yr), making Texas the largest PE supply point for ExxonMobil. -- Samantha Hartke

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