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Caliche ethylene storage cavern at Beaumont to be operational in 3Q 2018

HOUSTON, November 1, 2017 (PCW) – Caliche Development Partners' recently acquired NGLs and ethylene storage assets from Coastal Caverns will be operational during 3Q 2018, the company announced Wednesday morning.

The salt cavern storage facilities sit on 53 acres at the Spindletop Dome in Beaumont, TX, with an additional 345 acre brine pond site less than four miles away. Caliche performed sonar imaging and mechanical integrity testing on the cavern in May 2017. The cavern can hold up to 600 million pounds of ethylene and provide 600,000 pounds per hour of deliverability.

The cavern also has nearby access to pipelines, truck, rail, and dock facilities, the company noted, including 10 dock facilities for barge or ship access, nine of them suitable for deep water vessels. Caliche said it expects to develop seven additional storage wells in the area that would come online at a rate of one well per year through 2025. -- Kathy Hall

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