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Energy Transfer’s Mariner East 2 pipeline delayed to 2Q 2018

HOUSTON, November 8, 2017 (PCW) – Energy Transfer on Wednesday said the in-service date of its 275,000 b/d Mariner East 2 NGL pipeline would be delayed to 2Q 2018 from the end of this year.

The much-delayed pipeline, which would move NGLs and other refined products from Appalachia to the Marcus Hook industrial complex in Pennsylvania, had been initially expected to come online in 3Q of this year.

The project has been delayed by a slow permitting process from the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and Department of Environmental Protection. Most recently, the PUC halted construction of a valve in West Goshen Township as the community claimed ETP subsidiary Sunoco Logistics had violated an agreement regarding the siting of the valve.

ETP on Wednesday said it is evaluating relocating or completely eliminating the valve in order to move forward with construction, which is expected to be 99% complete by year’s end. From the DEP, ETP has had delays securing permits to move forward with its horizontal drilling.

Additionally, the Mariner East 2X project, effectively an expansion of the Mariner East 2 pipeline, is expected to come online in 1Q 2019, executives said. Again, this is a delay from the initially announced 2017 time fraj

Meanwhile, ETP said it plans to build a sixth fractionator at Mont Belvieu. The 100,000 b/d frac is expected to come online in 2Q 2019; the majority of the capacity has been fully contracted, company executives said.

The company’s Revolution project, which comprises 100 miles of rich-has pipeline in Appalachia, a gas processing plant in western Pennsylvania and a fractionator at Marcus Hook, has also been delayed. Construction is expected to be completed in 1Q, company executives said Wednesday, with full service occurring once Mariner East 2 is in service. The Revolution project had an initial in-service time frame of 2Q 2017.

Also on Wednesday, ETP announced 3Q net income of $761 million, an increase from the $138 million reported a year ago. The sharp uptick was due to stronger volumes and commodity prices. -- Samantha Hartke

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