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Braskem US PP operating rate slides to 92% in 3Q

HOUSTON, November 9, 2017 (PCW) -- Braskem's US PP operating rates in 3Q 2017 fell 5 percentage points from the prior quarter to 92%, the company said today.

The lower output was due to unscheduled shutdowns of the Seadrift and Oyster Creek plants as a result of Hurricane Harvey.

Braskem's 3Q PP output in the US totaled 363,696 mt, while sales increased 5% from the prior quarter to 395,124 mt.

The US PP sales uptick was linked in particular to growing demand in the housewares, food packaging and nonwovens industries.

In Europe, Braskem's quarterly PP production represented a 100% utilization rate (183,050 mt).

European PP sales were up 10% from 2Q at 153,106 mt amid recoveries in the continent's economies, led by sectors such as automotive, Braskem said.

European producers also benefited from reduced PP imports due to maintenance shutdowns in the Mideast and Hurricane Harvey in the US. -- David Barry

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