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PET scrap exports plunge in September on China scrap ban

HOUSTON, November 14, 2017 (PCW) -- China's ban on scrap imports has resulted in a sharp drop in US PET scrap exports in Sep.

Exports to China, the second leading destination after Hong Kong, totaled 3,344 metric tons in Sep, down by 6,633 mt or 66.5% from Sep 2016, the latest US Commerce Dept data show.

The ban, effective in Sep, is known as the National Sword program and covers all manner of scrap and rubbish.

For Hong Kong, PET scrap exports totaled 3,871 mt in Sep, down by 5,990 mt or 61% from Sep 2016.

The US also imports PET and other plastic scrap. Imports of PET scrap totaled 86,426 mt in Jan-Sep 2017, down by 4,778 mt or 5.2% from Jan-Sep 2016; PET imports from Mexico, the top source, totaled 20,616 mt in Jan-Sep 2017, down 11% from the year earlier period.

PE scrap imports totaled 48,856 mt in Jan-Sep 2017, down by 4,648 mt or 8.7% from Jan-Sep 2016. Imports from Canada, the top source, totaled 28,538 mt in Jan-Sep 2017, down 3.7%. -- Xavier A. Cronin

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