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October PET imports from China near zero, Canada down 35%

HOUSTON, December 8, 2015 (PCW) -- US packaging-grade PET imports from China, the second largest import source in 2014, totaled 48 pounds in October, compared to 7,193 metric tons in October 2014, the latest USA Trade Online data show.

The plunge reflected preliminary antidumping duties imposed this year by the US government on US PET imports from China, market sources said. A final "determination" on the duties is expected by April 12, 2016, with a public hearing held prior to this, a spokeswoman for the US International Trade Commission told PCW.

PET imports from Canada, the largest source of US PET imports in 2014, were also sharply lower in October, at 9,501 MT, down 35% from 14,688 MT in October 2014. Preliminary antidumping duties were also imposed on imports from Canada (as well as India and Oman). Overall, however, total packaging-grade US PET imports in October were down just 4%, at 52,178 MT from 54,435 MT in October 2014.

US packaging-grade PET imports in 2014 totaled 587,159 MT valued at $824-million; from January through October 2015, they totaled 502,908 MT valued at $601-million. Picking up the slack, for one, has been Brazil. US packaging-grade PET imports from Brazil in all of 2014 totaled 1.1 MT; from January through October 2015 they totaled 10,353 MT and were 2,281 MT in October alone.-- Xavier A Cronin