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Surge of PET imports continues from Asia, Brazil, Mexico

HOUSTON, December 6, 2016 (PCW) --The latest data from USA Trade Online show US imports of packaging grade PET through October totaled 557,074 metric tons, up 10.7% or 53,724 mt from Jan-Oct 2015.

Imports from Mexico, the top source, totaled 200,713 mt in Jan-Oct 2016, up 28.5% or 44,570 mt from the year earlier period.

Imports from Taiwan, the number two source, were 90,414 mt in the first 10 months of 2016, up 97.6% or 44,663 mt from Jan-Oct 2015. Imports from Thailand at 25,633 mt through October were up 21,623% or 25,515 mt from the 2015 period. Imports from Brazil at 52,809 mt were up 41% or 42,456 mt in the respective periods.

At the same time, imports from Canada, at 70,701 mt in Jan-Oct 2016, were down 38.5% or 44,250 mt from the 2015 period. This is likely due to antidumping duties of about 13% imposed on imports from Canada in 2015. -- Xavier A. Cronin  

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