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Phillips 66’s Freeport LPG export terminal fully operational

HOUSTON, December 16, 2016 (PCW) – Phillips 66 on Friday said its 150,000 b/d LPG export terminal at Freeport is fully operational and has loaded its first contracted cargo on the VLGC Commander, which departed Friday morning.

The vessel is en route for the Panama Canal and then will head to Asia, according to maritime data.

The terminal can simultaneously load two ships with refrigerated propane and butane at a combined rate of 36,000 bbl/hour. Supply is sourced P66’s 100,000 b/d Sweeny fractionator and Clemens storage facility, which is connected by pipeline to Mont Belvieu.

P66 said Friday it is evaluating additional NGL fractionation and infrastructure alternatives along the Gulf Coast.

The BW Broker was the first vessel to load at the 150,000 b/d terminal as a commissioning cargo in mid-November. P66 has set aside about half of the facility’s capacity for its own use. Sinopec has a long-term deal with P66 to lift cargoes from Freeport at a reported rate of 34,000 b/d. -- Samantha Hartke

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