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NGL production up nearly 7% month-on-month in October: EIA data

HOUSTON, December 30, 2016 (PCW) – Natural gas liquids production rose 7.157 million barrels to 109.769 million barrels (3.54 million b/d) in October from September, according to EIA data released Friday.

Ethane/ethylene production surpassed that of propane/propylene for the first time since July. Ethane/ethylene production was at 40.134 million barrels (1.295 million b/d), up 5.325 million barrels from September. Propane/propylene supplies came in at 35.96 million barrels (1.16 million b/d) in October, up 1.095 million barrels from September.

Other NGLs’ production data is as follows:

·         Butane/butylene: 10.678 million barrels (344,452 b/d), up 1.047 million barrels from September;

·         Isobutane/isobutylene: 9.098 million barrels (293,484 b/d), a decrease of 457,000 barrels;

·         Pentanes plus (natural gasoline): 13.899 million barrels (448,355 b/d), a 147,000 barrel increase.

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