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Enterprise Products Partners to convert Permian NGL pipe to crude service

HOUSTON, December 6, 2017 (PCW) -- Enterprise Products Partners on Tuesday announced it would convert one of its existing NGL Permian-to-Texas Gulf Coast pipelines to crude service in 1H 2020.

EPD has three existing pipelines that move Y-grade supplies from west Texas to its Mont Belvieu hub: Seminole Red, Seminole Blue and Chaparral. It is currently building the 250,000 b/d Shin Oak NGL pipeline, which is expected to go into service in 2Q 2019. EPD said once the new system comes on stream, it will divert flows from one of the existing pipelines into Shin Oak; it was currently evaluating which of the pipelines would be converted to crude.

Several new pipelines – as well as expansions of the existing system – have been announced this year, targeting Permian production growth. These include:

-- BP’s 220,000 b/d Epic NGL pipeline, with an initial phase expected online in early 2018;

-- DCP’s Sand Hills expansion to 365,000 b/d from 280,000 b/d in 4Q;

-- Targa’s 300,000 b/d Grand Prix Y-grade line from the Permian and Targa’s NorthTexas system to its Mont Belvieu facility. The pipeline could be expanded to 550,000 b/d. It is expected to go into service by 2Q 2019; and

-- Permico Energia’s 510-mile, 330,000 b/d Companero Y-grade pipeline from the Permian basin to a 300,000 b/d fractionator near Corpus Christi. -- Samantha Hartke

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