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US Oct PET imports plunge from Mexico, surge from Brazil, S Korea

HOUSTON, December 8, 2017 (PCW)-- US imports of PET resin in Oct from Mexico, the top source in 2016 and 1Q-3Q 2017, totaled 4,762 metric tons, down by 17,835 mt or 79% from Oct 2016, the latest US Commerce Department data show.

The main reason is likely a production disruption at M&G Chemical's Altamira PET plant in Mexico. M&G's spokesman had no comment on the company's operations.

Overall, US PET imports in Oct totaled 42,983 mt, down by 11,459 mt or 21% from Oct 2016.

Imports surged from Brazil in Oct at 6,120 mt, up by 4,715 mt or 616%, and from South Korea, at 5,601 mt in Oct, up by 3,742 mt or 201%.

Antidumping duties are expected to be imposed on PET imports from Brazil, South Korea, Taiwan, Pakistan and Indonesia in early Mar. The US government ruled in Oct that imports from these counties had been dumped at an unfair value.

Taiwan was the top source of US PET imports in Oct at 10,184 mt, down 3,540 mt or 26% from Oct 2016; imports from Pakistan totaled 3,429 mt, down by 484 mt or 12.6%; and imports from Indonesia totaled 2,701 mt in Oct, down up by 602 mt or 29% from Oct 2016. -- Xavier A. Cronin

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