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US PS scrap exports to China, Hong Kong drop in Oct

HOUSTON, December 8, 2017 (PCW) -- US exports of polystyrene scrap to China, the top destination in 2016 and 1Q-3Q 2017, totaled 708 metric tons in Oct, down by 607 mt or 46% in Oct 2016, the latest US Commerce Department data show. Exports to Hong Kong totaled 333 mt in Oct, down by 479 mt or 59% from Oct 2016.

The drop is likely the result of China's Operation Sword ban on certain scrap imports.

Overall, US PS scrap exports were flat in Oct at 3,049 mt, up 5 mt from Oct 2016.

The drop in exports to China and Hong Kong was countered with exports of 381 mt to Malaysia, up from none in Oct 2016, 332 mt to Thailand, also up from zero a year earlier. and 320 mt to Mexico, up from 60 mt in Oct 2016. -- Xavier A Cronin

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