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Formosa’s Point Comfort olefins unit shuts down after fire: TCEQ

HOUSTON, December 22, 2017 (PCW) – Formosa’s 1.5 billion lbs/yr Olefins I unit at Point Comfort shut down unexpectedly early Friday due to a fire, according to a TCEQ filing.

“Loss of containment at the Quench Tower Overhead resulted in a fire, requiring unit shutdown with venting to the elevated flare,” the filing stated. The unit can consume 15,000 b/d of ethane, 20,000 b/d of propane and 15,000 b/d of natural gasoline, according to PetroChem Wire estimates.

The plant could remain down through the end of Jan, should the company move its planned Jan turnaround of the unit ahead of schedule.

Read the full filing here:

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