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No US PET imports from China, India in December; Brazil surges

HOUSTON, February 12, 2016 (PCW) -- There were no US imports of packaging-grade PET from China and India in December 2015, as antidumping duties imposed on the imports last year appear to have knocked these countries out of the US prime PET market.

PET imports from China in December 2014 totaled 10,163 metric tons and from India 1,905 MT. Total US packaging-grade PET imports in 2015 were 593,424 MT valued at $695.5 million.

Preliminary antidumping and countervailing duties were imposed on imports from China and India last year. In addition, antidumping duties alone were imposed on imports from Canada and Oman last October. The duties require a cash bond to be posted with US Customs and Border Control by the importer before a load can be cleared for entry.

A final decision in the dumping case is set for March 7.

The duties also appear to have slowed imports from Oman; in December they totaled just 153 MT, down from 2,109 MT in December 2014. Imports from Canada in December totaled 8,076 MT, down from 10,163 MT in December 2014.

Brazil emerged last year as a source of PET imports. In December, Brazil PET imports totaled 1,012 MT, up from zero a year earlier. South Korea also increased its PET exports to the US in 2015--2,064 MT in December, up from 169 MT in December 2014.

Mexico remains the largest source of US PET imports. In December they totaled 17,000 MT, up from 15,878 MT in December 2014. -- Xavier A. Cronin

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