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Petchems stocks recover as crude jumps 17% on the week: PCW index

HOUSTON, February 19, 2016 (PCW) -– Petchems companies’ stocks took back some ground as crude rallied and a stronger performance from stock indexes lent further support.

WTI crude settled Thursday at $30/77/bbl, up 17.4% on the week.

The midstream sector was the biggest gainer with its average stock price up $5.01, or 31.14%, to $21.11/share. Targa led the pack with its stock price up 49.25% on the week, boosted by its completed acquisition of its master limited partnership on Wednesday.

The vinyls sector was next with its average stock price rising $2.16, or 7.18%, to $32.26/share. Olin’s stock was in the lead, advancing 10.57% week-on-week. Financial analysts pointed to heavy buying of the company’s stock by several of its executives this week.

The olefins/polyolefins group saw its average stock price move up $3.60, or 7.01%, to $54.97/share. Williams held pole position with its shares up 19.79%. Despite reporting a 4Q net loss of $701 million on Wednesday, Williams’ stock has been charting steady gains over the week with many analysts saying the stock had reached a point where buying once again appeared to be attractive.

Finally, the aromatics/refinery sector saw its average stock price climb $1.29, or 2.44%, to $54.05/share. Muting overall gains were losses from Valero, Tesoro and PBF Energy. The latter company took the biggest hit, with its share price down 4.68%, as several analysts downgraded its stock from ‘Buy’ to ‘Hold.’ – Samantha Hartke

Weekly Stock Price Index
  This Week Last Week Difference % Difference
Midstream Average 21.11 16.10 5.01 31.14
Olefins/Polyolefins Average 54.97 51.37 3.60 7.01
Aros/Refinery Average 54.04 52.75 1.29 2.44
Vinyls Average 32.26 30.10 2.16 7.18
Major Economic Indicators
  This Week Last Week Difference % Difference
EUR/USD 1.11 1.13 -0.02 -1.89
Dow Jones Indices 16413.43 15660.18 753.25 4.81
S&P 500 1917.83 1829.08 88.75 4.85
WTI crude 30.77 26.21 4.56 17.40