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Force majeure at Indorama's Texas PET feedstock plant affects MEG, PEO

HOUSTON, February 22, 2016 (PCW) -- A force majeure on PET feedstock MEG and also PEO at Indorama Venture's Clear Lake, Texas, plant remains in place with no date set for lifting it, Indorama spokesman Richard Jones told PetroChem Wire Monday.

The FM was put in place on Feb 16 and was due to "a mechanical problem that occurred while a change of catalyst was underway," according to an Indorama note to shareholders.

MEG, or monoethylene glycol, is used for production of PET and fiber resins. PEO, or purified ethylene oxide, is used to produce soaps, detergents, brake fluids, weed killer and urethane foam.

The FM on MEG has produced a shortage for some US PET producers, market sources said. The plant has a total MEG and PEO capacity of 550,000 mt/yr (1.21 billion lb/yr). -- Xavier A. Cronin, David Berry

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