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Magellan mulls building oil docks, storage facilities at Corpus Christi

HOUSTON, January 23, 2018 (PCW) -- Pipeline giant Magellan Midstream Partners may build four new oil docks able to handle loading and offloading of VLCC, Aframax and Panamax tankers at Corpus Christi.

"The potential project is in the development stage and would provide four new private docks," company spokesman Bruce Heine told PCW on Tuesday. "We have not issued a timeline" for when the project would proceed.

The project would also see new storage facilities built for 10 million barrels of oil. "Permitting process is currently under way" to allow for building the new storage facilities, according to a Magellan presentation made last week at an industry gathering.

Magellan's project is separate from the oil dock completed last year at Port Corpus Christi as part of the 1.1 million metric tons/year Jumbo PET plant project. Construction on Jumbo, which is about 80% completed, was halted in Oct and remains in limbo. Jumbo's owner/operator M&G Chemicals filed for bankruptcy protection on Oct 24. Jumbo is being sold as part of the bankruptcy proceedings-- Xavier A. Cronin

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