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PET imports up 17% in 1Q, valued at $258-million, surge from Turkey

HOUSTON, May 14, 2018 (PCW) -- US imports of PET resin in 1Q totaled 206,890 metric tons, up by 29,980 mt or 17% from 1Q 2017, the latest US Commerce Department data show.

Imports in 1Q surged from Turkey at 13,967 mt, up from 289 mt in 1Q 2017. At the same time, imports from Brazil plunged to 5 mt from 19,284 mt and imports from Indonesia fell to 101 mt from 9,546 mt in the respective periods.

Anti-dumping duties were imposed on PET imports from Brazil, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan and Pakistan on May 1.

The top source of US PET imports in 1Q remained Mexico at 67,353 mt, down by 12,656 mt or 16% from 1Q 2017. Taiwan remained the number two source at 22,069 mt, down by 5,889 mt or 21% from 1Q 2017.

Imports in 1Q from Barbados totaled 98 mt and from Jamaica totaled 270 mt, both up from none in 1Q 2017.

1Q PET imports were valued at $258.1 million, compared to $187.2 million in 1Q 2017, and are on pace to be valued at more than $1-billion in 2018. -- Xavier A. Cronin.

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