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Caliche to develop, expand NGL storage, pipeline in Beaumont

HOUSTON, June 21, 2018 (PCW) -- Houston-based Caliche Development Partners announced Thursday it is developing and expanding its NGL facilities in Beaumont, TX.

These will include a new 5 million barrel cavern for ethane storage with up to 120,000 b/d of deliverability, and a 12-mile ethane header mirroring the path of Caliche’s existing ethylene system. This header will cross five ethane pipelines connecting more than 50% of Gulf Coast ethane consumption with the Mont Belvieu NGL complex, the company said.

The NGL facilities are expected to begin service in 4Q 2019.

Caliche is also developing a 600 million pound ethylene storage cavern at the same site, which is expected to commence service September 30. When fully developed, Caliche’s Coastal Caverns storage facility could provide up to 32 million barrels of purpose-built, salt cavern storage facilities. -- Samantha Hartke

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