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US June ethylene contract agreements settle with small increase

HOUSTON, July 2, 2018 (PCW) –- Certain parties settling monthly ethylene contracts have been confirmed to have reached agreement at 26.5 cpp June, up 0.5 cpp from May. Not all parties have agreed to this price. Contracts typically settle retroactively for the previous month during the few days of the next month.

One year ago, the June 2017 contract price was 29.25 cpp. Contract prices in 2017 ranged from a low of 29.25 cpp (July) to a high of 35.75 cpp (February). So far in 2018, contract prices have range from 26 cpp (May) to 32.75 cpp (January).

June spot ethylene traded in a range of 12.375-17.5 cpp for Texas and Louisiana combined. The June 30-day weighted average was 14.366 cpp (up 0.543 cpp from May) and the 45-day weighted average was 14.507 cpp (up 0.137 cpp from May).

Maximum steam cracker operating rates in the US Gulf Coast were 95.3% during June.

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