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US plastic scrap exports down 27% through July

US exports of plastic scrap totaled 746,102 metric tons in Jan-Jul of this year, down by 27.3% from Jan-Jul 2017, the latest US Commerce Department data show.

This includes the five plastic scrap categories of exports and imports tracked by the US government: PE, PS, PVC, PET and unsorted "other". The value of these exports in Jan-Jul was $302.1 million, down from $406.2 million in Jan-Jul 2017, or 25.6%,

Exports to China, the top destination in 2017, plunged by 91.6% to 32,721 mt in Jan-Jul 2018. China's Operation Sword ban on certain scrap imports went into effect about one year ago, The most extreme drop in plastic scrap exports to China has been in PE: 10,254 mt in Jan-Jul 2018, down from 180,338 mt in the 2017 period, or 94%.

Exports to Hong Kong, the second largest export destination last year, have also plummeted: 68,309 mt vs 285,277 mt in the respective 2018 and 2017 periods, or down by 76%. -- Xavier A Cronin

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