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UK biscuit plastic wrapper recycling program expanding to other foods

HOUSTON, January 8, 2019 (PCW) -- A UK biscuit-snack plastic wrapper recycling program is being expanded to include wafers, cakes and crackers.

Snack giant pladis UK&I is working with recycling specialist TerraCycle to potentially recycle billions of these wrappers through the program, TerraCycle spokeswoman Clemence Bernard-Colombat said on Tuesday. "The wrappers are still considered hard-to-recycle waste" because they are made of "flexible plastic," not accepted in UK government recycling programs.

The expanded recycling program relies on snack eaters to create an account on TerraCycle's web site and find a wrapper dropoff location (there are about 500 throughout the UK). They can also request a wrapper pickup, after which someone is dispatched to their home to fetch them.

The wrappers are sent to a centralized warehouse in the UK, where they are delivered to recycling processors and pelletized. TerraCycle's other snack wrapper programs include Clif Bar for energy bar wrappers.

To stress the massive volume of wrappers involved, Scott Snell, customer vice-president at pladis UK&I, said in a press release last month: "During the festive period, we Brits consume 35 million more packs of biscuits than we do during the rest of the year, so it's a really important time to start thinking of where all that waste goes." -- Xavier A Cronin

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