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US PET imports surge from Brazil, UAE, S Korea, Taiwan in January

HOUSTON, March 14, 2016 (PCW) -- US imports of packaging imports PET surged in several countries in January which exported none in January 2015, the latest USA Trade Online data show.

The tide of imports occurred as total imports fell by 17.5% in January due mostly to a dropoff from four major suppliers who were hit with antidumping duties last year--China, India, Oman and Canada. Other countries posting less PET exports to the US in January included Egypt, Honduras and Portugal.

Within the mix of US PET imports, Brazil has emerged as a major supplier: 6,111 metric tons in January, up from zero a year earlier. The US is a favored destination for foreign PET producers and distributors due to the higher price it commands compared to Europe and Asia. -- Xavier A. Cronin

Other countries with import totals:

US packaging grade PET imports in metric tons

January 2015 January 2016
Thailand 0 770
Turkey 0 84
UAE 0 2.068
Taiwan 2,578 8,448
Portugal  100  0
Pakistan  879 1,628
South Korea 126 2.699
Japan  0  69
Egypt  2,588  168
Honduras  439  0
Indonesia 1,153 1,922
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