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US PET exports to Peru, Israel, Hungary, Ireland up in January

HOUSTON, March 16, 2016 (PCW) -- While US PET exports in January fell overall by 39.5%, they were up sharply to several countries, the latest USA Trade Online data show.

Peru, for instance, was shipped 274 metric tons in January compared to zero in January 2015. Exports to Israel totaled 39.2 MT in January, up from 10.7 MT a year earlier.

PET for export (and import) is categorized as having an intrinsic viscosity (IV) of 0.70-0.88 deciliters/gram, according to the US Harmonized Tariff Schedule. Total US PET exports in January were 15,082 MT, down from 26,135 MT in January 2015. Exports to China and Mexico, the largest and third largest destination by volume, respectively, were down sharply.--Xavier Cronin

US PET exports in metric tons except when noted, selected countries:

  January 2015 January 2016
Ireland 0 20.7
Hungary 0 20.7
India 80kg 13.9
Australia 544kg 12.4
Poland 0 2.4
Singapore 0 53.3
Switzerland 0 18.7
UK 958 1,315
Malaysia 54 213
China 6,402 2,167
Mexico 4,526 2,469
Canada 5,694 5,277
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