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Enterprise Products Partners mulling ethylene export project

HOUSTON, March 9, 2016 (PCW) -- Enterprise Products Partners said Wednesday it is mulling an ethylene export facility on the Gulf Coast and is already negotiating contracts with interested shippers.

During its analyst’s day, executives said the project was driven by continued strong Asian demand for ethylene and EPD’s view that the current expansion in US ethylene production will ultimately lead to an oversupplied market.

Without providing an in-service time frame or capacity, Enterprise noted the proposed export terminal would allow it additional flexibility as it could also be used to export natural gas liquids as well.

Enterprise added it would use existing and repurposed storage caverns at Mont Belvieu, build or retrofit existing pipelines to transport ethylene from storage to the terminal, and were also looking at building new ethylene refrigeration and storage facilities.

The location of the terminal was not disclosed as well, although the company has multiple options along the Gulf Coast.

There is only one ethylene export terminal along the US Gulf Coast; its capacity is 660,000 million lb/yr.– Samantha Hartke

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