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Ineos’ Chocolate Bayou olefins unit shuts down unexpectedly

HOUSTON, March 21, 2017 (PCW) – One of Ineos’ olefins unit at Chocolate Bayou has shut down unexpectedly.

Ineos has two olefins unit at the site. Olefins I has a capacity of 2.05 billion lbs/yr and constitutes 3.11% of total US ethylene production capacity. Olefins II has a capacity of 2.125 billion lbs/yr and represents 3.22% of total US ethylene production capacity. Each unit can consume 40,000 b/d of ethane and 20,000 b/d of propane, as per PetroChem Wire estimates.

Olefins I has been operational since June 2016; Olefins II has been running normally since October 2015.

A restart time frame was not disclosed. -- Samantha Hartke

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