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Petchems stocks mostly higher as crude extends gains: PCW index

HOUSTON, April 29, 2016 (PCW) -– Petchems companies’ stocks were largely higher on the week as crude continued to gain, while the US dollar weakened compared to the Euro and economic indexes were practically flat.

The midstream segment bucked the overall trend with its average stock price down 22 cents, or 0.77%, to $28.20/share. While most of the companies in this group saw gains, it was Energy Transfer’s 4.69% stock price decline that yanked the sector lower. ETP’s stock initially jumped Wednesday when the company announced it was maintaining last quarter’s distribution rate, rather than cutting it. This morning, however, market players opted to take the money and run, resulting in a sell-off that ultimately weakened ETP’s weekly stock price performance.

The vinyls group was the week’s biggest gainer. Its average stock price rose $0.52, or 1.39%, to $37.89/share. PolyOne led the pack with its stock price up 8.9% on the week, thanks to its report of a 1Q earnings increase of 29% compared to year-ago levels.

The aromatics/refinery sector was next with its average stock price up 59 cents, or 0.95%, to $62.56/share. Alon was the leader here with its stock price increasing 3.44% during the week amid higher-than-average trading volumes.

The olefins/polyolefins group’s average stock price picked up 24 cents, or 0.38%, to $61.98/share. Overall gains were stemmed by LyondellBasell’s 4.77% decrease in its stock price. Last week reported its 1Q income was 11.5% lower than in 1Q 2015. This week, the company announced the departure of senior vice president of planning and transactions Sergey Vasnetsov for personal and family reasons. AT least two analyst firms have downgraded the company’s stock since then.– Samantha Hartke

*Index components:

Weekly Stock Price Index
  This Week Last Week Difference % Difference
Midstream Average 28.20 28.42 -0.22 -0.77
Olefins/Polyolefins Average 61.98 61.74 0.24 0.38
Aros/Refinery Average 62.56 61.97 0.59 0.95
Vinyls Average 37.89 37.37 0.52 1.39
Major Economic Indicators
  This Week Last Week Difference % Difference
EUR/USD 1.14 1.13 0.01 0.63
Dow Jones Indices 17830.76 17982.52 -151.76 -0.84
S&P 500 2075.81 2091.48 -15.67 -0.75
WTI crude 46.03 43.18 2.85 6.60