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PET scrap imports, rPET feedstock, up 17.6% through February

HOUSTON, April 17, 2017 (PCW) -- US imports of PET scrap totaled 17,574 metric tons in January and February, up 2,628 mt or 17.6% from the year earlier period, the latest USA Trade Online data show.

These imports were valued at $9.7 million in the first two months of the year, up from $8 million in Jan-Feb 2016. PET scrap, including water and beverage bottles, is used as feedstock in production of rPET flake and pellet, industrial strapping green, PET sheet for molding into consumer packaging units like salad bar takeout containers, and other applications.

Mexico remained the top source of these imports at 4,628 mt in Jan-Feb 2017, up 656 mt or 16.5% from Jan-Feb 2016.  Imports from Nigeria totaled 1,079 mt in the first two months of the year, up 674 mt or 166%. Imports from Honduras were also higher at 1,976 mt, up 1,055 mt or 115% from Jan-Feb 2016. Imports from Haiti at 16 mt in Jan-Feb 2017 were down from 172 mt.

Full year 2016 PET scrap imports totaled 117,162 mt valued at $63.5 million. -- Xavier A. Cronin

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