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UPDATE: Siluria says methane-to-ethylene technology commercially viable

Houston, May 11, 2016 (PCW) -- Siluria's technology for converting natural gas directly to ethylene has demonstrated commercial viability through a year of testing at the La Porte, TX demonstration plant, the company said today.

"Both our proprietary catalyst and [oxidative coupling of methane] process have performed reliably at our demonstration plant. This paves the way to move forward with commercial ethylene production projects in process in the US and abroad," said interim CEO and President Erik Scher.

The demonstration plant has successfully completed 18 test campaigns since its early-2015 startup, each campaign designed to replicate customer-specific commercial operating conditions, Siluria said in a news release. The company demonstrated feedstock flexibility by running on both air and oxygen, and varying the amount of ethane co-feed.

"Based on the demonstration plant results and our extensive engineering work, Siluria believes the OCM technology is cost-competitive or superior to world-scale cracking routes with the ability to scale down to over 1/10th world-scale size," a company spokesperson said in an email.

He added that the first commercial projects are targeting ethylene capacity in the range of 60-350 million lb/year, providing on-purpose and distributed scale ethylene production.

Siluria plans to offer world-scale projects soon, in collaboration with its EPC partners.

Linde Engineering and Siluria Technologies are working jointly to bring the technology to market.

The La Porte demonstration plant is wholly owned by Siluria and co-located with Braskem's La Porte PP facility. -- David Barry

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