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Axiall Plaquemine VCM Plant Restarts Late, Oxy LaPorte VCM Back Up

Houston, May 20, 2016 (PCW) -- Axiall stated in an email to customers on Tuesday that its Plaquemine, LA VCM plant had been expected to restart on May 6 after a month-long turnaround. The plant was several days late coming back online, and by early this week it was only producing at less than half of capacity. Axiall expected it to produce at this rate for several more days.

Axiall’s two Lake Charles, LA VCM plants are fully operational and supporting the Plaquemine PVC operations to the extent possible. However, the Plaquemine PVC plant’s capability is limited with this option and it was producing at below half of its capacity.

Axiall expects this to be a short term problem as the plant has tremendous makeup capability. Axiall said that by June its backlog will have been worked down to a manageable level that will not be disruptive to its customers.

Axiall had asked customers to push cars out and to source resin from competitors, but it had not instituted formal order control or allocation. Axiall had also approached competitors to acquire resin to help tide it over until the Plaquemine VCM plant returns to full production.

OxyVinyls said this week that its LaPorte, TX VCM plant had come back up over the weekend after a planned turnaround. The plant was late coming back up by a couple of days.

Its OxyMar VCM plant at Corpus Christi, TX went down for a planned maintenance outage around May 9.

Its Pasadena, TX PVC plant was down for maintenance in April and part of May, but is back running at full rates.

Oxy’s Deer Park, TX PVC plant also was down for maintenance earlier this year, but has been back up and running since late April. -- Donna Todd

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