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Corpus Christi PET to stay in US: M&G

HOUSTON, May 27, 2016 (PCW) --“The vast majority” of PET produced at M&G Chemicals’ Corpus Christi, TX, plant, “is expected to stay within the US,” company spokesman Terry Tyzack told PCW Friday. M&G’s web site states that, “We expect to ship PET from the Port of Corpus Christi to customers in the United States and Latin America.”

The plant, under construction, is expected to produce 1.1 million metric tons/year, making it the world’s largest PET plant. M&G expects start-up by year’s end; Port Corpus Christi, which is building an oil dock as part of the project, says 1Q 2017 is the more realistic start-up timeframe.

M&G’s PET plant in Apple Grove, W VA, has capacity of 360,000 mt/year. The other major US-based PET producers are Indorama Ventures with total production capacity of 1,071,000 mt/year at three plants (Ashboro, NC, Decatur, GA, and Spartanburg, SC); and Dak Americas, with total capacity of 1,495,00 mt/year at four plants (Charleston, SC, Columbia, SC, Fayetteville, NC, and Bay St. Louis, MS).

In addition, last year the US imported 593,424 mt of packaging-grade prime PET resin from around the world and exported 247,546 mt of prime PET. -- Xavier A. Cronin

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