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CP Chem’s Sweeny 24 cracker shuts down over weekend: TCEQ

HOUSTON, May 31, 2016 (PCW) -– CP Chem’s Sweeny 24 ethylene unit shut down unexpectedly late Sunday due to an issue with its cracked gas compressor, according to a TCEQ filing.

“At approximately 10:15 PM on May 29th, the cracked gas compressor at Ethylene Unit 24 shutdown unexpectedly which caused the unit to shutdown and depressure to the Unit 24 flares,” the filing stated.

“Standard operating procedures were followed to restart the unit in a manner that minimized the duration of the event and the associated flaring emissions,” the filing added.

The cracker has an ethylene capacity of 1.5 billion lb/yr. It returned to service on May 1 after a planned turnaround that began March 17. The unit represents 2.38% of US ethylene capacity.

Also down at the site is CP Chem’s 2.25 billion lb/yr Sweeny 33 cracker, which also went down unexpectedly during the weekend of May 21-22 after a power outage due to area storms.

Read the entire filing here.

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