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US nonfuel use propylene supplies have biggest gain since November

HOUSTON, May 3, 2017 (PCW) -- US nonfuel use propylene inventories increased by 282,000 bbls (10.5%) to 2.965 million bbls for the week ended April 28, the Energy Department reported today. It was the third consecutive inventory build, and the sixth increase in the past ten weeks, according to the department's Energy Information Administration. Inventories are up 500,000 bbls over the past four weeks. Meanwhile, US Gulf refinery utilization was essentially flat at 94.5%. -- David Barry

US Nonfuel Use Propylene Inventories
000 bbl Current Week
Current week 2,965
Last week 2,683 282 10.5%
4 weeks ago 2,465 500 20.3%
Year ago 3,670 -705 -19.2%
52 week average 3,269 -304 -9.3%
Source: US Energy Information Administration

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