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UPDATE: Dow’s TX-7 Freeport olefins unit returns to normal after compressor trip

HOUSTON, June 2, 2016 (PCW) –- Dow’s 1.61 billion lb/yr TX-7 olefins unit in Freeport had an ethylene compressor trip late Wednesday after which the plant reduced operating rates, according to a TCEQ filing.

By midday Thursday, the plant had been returned to normal operating rates.

“The refrigeration system lost pressure which caused instability of the ethylene compressor, resulting in a trip of the ethylene compressor. This event is still on going,” the filing stated.

“Plant rates were reduced, and restart of compressor initiated. All emissions were routed to the flare,” the filing added.

The plant has been operating normally since July 2014.  -- Samantha Hartke

Read the entire filing here.

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