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US scrap PS exports up 27% through April; up 99% to China

HOUSTON, June 21, 2016 (PCW) -- US exports of scrap PS totaled 10,530 metric tons in January-April, up 27% from the year-earlier period, the latest USA Trade Online data show.

Scrap PS exports to China have surged this year to 3,352 mt, up 99%. Exports to Canada, the second largest destination, totaled 2,566 mt in the first four months of 2016, up 8%.

Scrap PS is one of five categories of plastic scrap exports tracked by USA Trade Online. The others are PE, PET, PVC and "other," comprised of various unsorted plastic scrap. All US plastic scrap exports in 2015 were valued at $816.4 million. -- Xavier A. Cronin

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