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Westlake Chemical declares force majeure on all products at Calvert City plant

HOUSTON, June 28, 2016 (PCW) -– Westlake Chemical on late Monday declared force majeure on all products at its Calvert City, Kentucky, facility.

This is due to the continued operational issues at its 450 million lbs/yr ethylene unit, which had an unexpected shutdown on June 1 and halted all production, including EDC, VCM, chlor-alkali and PVC resin.

“Our initial assessment was that after this event, the ethylene plant would only be down a short time. However, we have now discovered that the incident will require more downtime than previously anticipated,” Westlake said in a letter to customers.

“Westlake Chemical Corporation, its subsidiaries and affiliates, are declaring force majeure at the Calvert City complex, which will have an impact with respect to all of our products and associated contracts throughout our organization,” the letter stated.

“We are expediting repairs in order to safely and reliably return the Calvert City facility to normal operations as soon as possible,” the letter stated.

The plant also has a PVC production capacity of 1.3 billion lbs/yr. The ethylene unit is set to undergo a 100 million lb/yr expansion in the first half of next year. –- Samantha Hartke

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