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Enterprise Product Partners commissioning ethane export terminal: TCEQ filing

HOUSTON, July 12, 2016 (PCW) –- Enterprise Product Partners will be commissioning its new 200,000 b/d ethane export terminal at Morgan’s Point along the Houston Ship Channel between Tuesday and Friday, according to a TCEQ filing.

“Enterprise is performing the initial start up and commissioning of the new NGL Facility following construction. The start date/time and duration represented in the report are estimates,” the filing stated.

The terminal is 90% contracted and had an expected in-service in 3Q. The terminal will be able to load full refrigerated ethane at rates up to 10,000 bbl/hour. Supplies will come from EPD’s NGL complex in Mont Belvieu and transported via a 24-inch diameter pipeline. -- Samantha Hartke

Read the full filing here.

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