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Formosa’s Point Comfort complex returning to service

HOUSTON, July 5, 2017 (PCW) -– Formosa’s Point Comfort petrochemicals complex is returning to service after a site-wide power failure on June 24.

The 1.8 billion lbs/yr Olefins II unit was restarted Monday, while the 1.5 billion lbs/yr Olefins I unit is expected to resume service by Thursday. Some 81 million lbs of ethylene was lost during the outage.

The site's VCM and PVC units, two polypropylene trains and the the HMWPE-3 unit restarted last week.

The two olefins units can collectively consume 35,000 b/d of ethane, 40,000 b/d of propane and 30,000 b/d of normal butane. They represent 5% of total US ethylene production capacity.

The complex has a total HDPE production capacity of 1.38 billion lbs/yr of HDPE, 530 million lbs/yr of LLDPE, 1.5 billion lbs/yr of PP and 840 million lbs/yr of EG. The chlor-alkali unit can produce 2 billion lbs/yr of chlorine and 2.2 billion lbs/yr of caustic soda. -- Samantha Hartke

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