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Williams Olefins acquisition propels NOVA to 4th largest N. American ethylene producer

Houston, July 6, 2017 (PCW) -- NOVA's acquisition of Williams' olefins business makes the company the fourth largest producer of ethylene in North America, boasting 8.6 billion lbs/yr of capacity between the plants at Geismar, Joffre and Sarnia. At 12.6 billion lbs/yr, the combined DowDuPont assets make it North America's largest ethylene producer (including Dow's interest in the Nova E-3 unit at Joffre), followed by LyondellBasell at 11.7 billion lbs/yr and ExxonMobil at 8.8 billion lbs/yr.

Upon completion of NOVA's future olefins complex with Total and Borealis in 2020, the company would be the fifth largest ethylene producer in North America with its total capacity moving to 10.91 billion lbs/yr, behind DowDuPont at 14.5 billion lbs/yr, ExxonMobil at 14.08 billion lbs/yr, LyondellBasell at 11.7 billion lbs/yr and Chevron Phillips at 11.37 billion lbs/yr. At that time, these five companies will own 59% of North American ethylene.

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