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Sabic’s second ethane vessel makes maiden voyage from Morgan’s Point

HOUSTON, July 24, 2017 (PCW) –- Sabic’s second ethane vessel, the Gaschem Orca, has made its maiden voyage from Enterprise Products’ Partners’ export terminal at Morgan’s Point to Teesside, United Kingdom late last week.

The ship should arrive at its destination August 1, according to maritime data. It can carry as much as 360,000 barrels of standard ethane.

The Gaschem Orca and Sabic’s first ethane vessel, Gaschem Beluga (which went into service in May), will be ferrying supplies to the company’s 1.9 billion lbs/yr cracker in Wilton.

The Gaschem Orca now brings the total number of vessels specifically built to move US ethane to 16 with a cumulative capacity of 7.79 million barrels of standard ethane. -- Samantha Hartke

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