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Petchems stocks post mixed results as crude slides: PCW index

HOUSTON, August 26, 2016 (PCW) –- Petchems companies’ stocks proved to be a mixed bag as crude gave up 1.85% of its value during the week, while economic indexes were relatively stable.

The midstream sector took the biggest hit with its average stock price down $1.34/share, or 4.02%, to $32.10/share. Kinder Morgan led the pack in losses with its share price losing 5.28% of its value during the week. Several analysts have changed their rating of the company’s stock to ‘Hold’ over the last few days and trading volumes have been markedly lower.

The aromatics/refinery group was next with its average stock falling 81 cents/share, or 1.38%, to $57.62/share. PBF Energy was in the lead as its shares shed 4.88%. Analysts noted PBF’s stock had fallen to critical support levels that made it technically weak. Short interest also has increased during the week, providing further bearish pressure.

Meanwhile, the vinyls sector saw its average stock price gained 53 cents/share, or 1.37%, to $39.30/share. Ply Gem took pole position as its stock rose 4.74% as several analysts upgraded their ratings.

Finally, the olefins/polyolefins group’s average stock price was up 47 cents/share, or 0.78%, to $60.94/share. Eastman Chemical’s shares rose 4.41% as the Texas Railroad Commission this week sided with the firm in a three-year old pipeline rate dispute with Westlake Chemical. – Samantha Hartke

*Index components:

Weekly Stock Price Index
  This Week Last Week Difference % Difference
Midstream Average 32.10 33.44 -1.34 -4.02
Olefins/Polyolefins Average 60.94 60.47 0.47 0.78
Aros/Refinery Average 57.62 58.42 -0.81 -1.38
Vinyls Average 39.30 38.77 0.53 1.37
Major Economic Indicators
  This Week Last Week Difference % Difference
EUR/USD 1.13 1.13 -0.01 -0.58
Dow Jones Indices 18448.41 18597.70 -149.29 -0.80
S&P 500 2172.47 2187.02 -14.55 -0.67
WTI crude 47.33 48.22 -0.89 -1.85