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Ineos awards LAO construction contract to Jacobs

HOUSTON, September 13, 2016 (PCW) -- Jacobs Engineering Group has received a contract from Ineos to  design and build a 420,000 mt/yr linear alpha olefin (LAO) unit at the Chocolate Bayou, TX complex.

Ineos decided to invest in the project back in May. Once the unit is onstream, the company's global LAO capacity will reach approximately 1 million mt/yr.

Downstream from the new LAO unit, Ineos announced plans to build a 120,000 mt/yr low viscosity polyalphaolefin (PAO) unit, which is expected to be operational in 1H 2019.

"The industry needs an increased supply of high quality base oils, such as PAO, to formulate the next generation of advanced lubricant products,” said Bob Learman, INEOS Oligomers CEO. -- David Barry

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